Richmond has a variety of Indian restaurants providing food lovers with amazing quality Indian cuisine. This article provides information on some of the most popular Indian restaurants throughout Richmond and surrounding areas.

Ma Goa

Ma Goa is situated in Upper Richmond, City of London. The restaurant has been operating for over two decades by Deepak Kapoor. He strives to achieve a sense of family dining with traditional Indian meals.

Since the opening of Ma Goa in 1993, Deepak and his mother have evolved the restaurant’s menu and incorporated flavours with fresh ingredients from the Tooting Market.

The Imperial Durbar

The Imperial Durbar is located in Trinity Road and operated by two brothers, Alastair, and Nicholas Heathcote. The venue has a mixture of offerings, including Indian and old Empirical delights. Some of the artisanal offerings include Secret in-house masala recipes and Imperial Malabar coffee from the early hours of each day with fresh muffins.

The drinks at The Imperial Durbar boast spiced cocktails and maharajah Gin and tonics from all over the old Empires trading routes. They present many types of tonics and accents. They aim at providing the taste of India with a twist in coffees and cocktails.


Triphala has established a reputation for itself since its opening. The restaurant combines exotic interior design with reasonably priced menu items. They provide a focus and exceptional dedication to curry staples and adventurous regional specialities in the likes of Shangri matar.


Moidul’s is an Indian Tapas style restaurant and offers tapas and exquisite dining on Teddington High Street. The meals are ideal for sharing and enjoying with drinks. This is a great way to experiencing regional and seasonal Indian dishes with an adventurous twist.

Some favourite Indian dishes are also on offer from the main menu, and the cocktail bar is a focal point of the restaurant.

These restaurants provide a great means to enjoy Indian cuisine and adventurous meals from beautiful venues throughout Richmond and surrounding areas.

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