These are some of the most popular food blogs to follow on Indian cuisine, restaurants, and recipes. By visiting any of these blogs, food lovers can learn about interesting and healthy Indian recipes.

Archana’s Kitchen –

Archana’s Kitchen is seen as India’s leading recipe and food discovery platform and provides readers with a platform of the world’s most credible and confident recipe solutions for everyday cooking.

The blogs mission is to encourage food lovers to enjoy cooking Indian cuisine dishes with simple and easy to use recipes. The recipes also have a focus on nutrition and health.

Vegan Richa –

The writer for Vegan Richa is Richa Hingle. She is a prolific and award-winning recipe developer, photographer, and blogger. The recipes on this blog are easy to follow and provides step-by-step photographs with guidelines for preparing vegan food based on popular Indian cuisine dishes.

Ministry of Curry –

This blog is a popular website for food lovers to learn how to make incredible Indian recipes and international dishes through simple guideline instructions. The blog provides expert tips on how to enhance flavour and create some of the most popular curry dishes. The blog provides up to one post per week.

Shares Passions –

Shares Passions is a website with south Indian and north Indian recipes. The recipes include baking recipes and a few international recipes. The recipes include step-by-step instructions with pictures, making it easy to follow and create tasty Indian meals.